The Four Reasons Why Timber Blinds are a Favourite Among Australian Homeowners

timber blinds, image by Shutters Australia

Wooden blinds add structure, aesthetics, and function to any window. They are window treatment solutions that can add more beauty to your home while performing essential functions such as controlling light and providing privacy. To change the look and feel of your home without emptying your bank account, you should seriously consider installing timber blinds.


· Adds Architectural Interest to Indoor Spaces

Wooden or timber blinds are excellent options for rooms that lack style and architecture. Unlike traditional window treatments such as curtains and shades, wooden blinds have a more structured or solid built-in look, hence they become a part of a room’s existing structure.

Also, the inherent warmth of wooden blinds adds much-needed depth and dimension spaces with rooms with minimal furniture and upholstery.


· Highly-Customisable Window Treatments

One great selling point of wooden or timber blinds is that they come in a wide array of sizes, colours, and finishes. You can mix and match across all these variables to come up with unique timber blinds that you can call your own. This amazing flexibility of timber blinds allows users to complement their window treatments to a home’s existing interior style and design.


· Elegant Privacy Like No Other

Timber blinds help in keeping people from peeking through your windows, ensuring you have privacy at any time of the day. Blinds that are made from thicker timber are impenetrable by sunlight so you can enjoy a calm and relaxing environment with just a few turns of the rod. Manipulating the ropes enable users to open the slats at various angles to allow partial to the full entry of light into your home.


· Low Maintenance

Unlike curtains and shades that need to be taken down regularly for washing and cleaning, timber blinds are low maintenance. You don’t need to take them down. Simply use a damp cloth and wood cleaner to wipe off dust and dirt every few days or so.



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