The Proper Use of Awnings in your Sydney Home

image of a compact motorised window awning

image of a compact motorised window awning

It is undeniably pleasant if your home was oriented to take advantage of warm sunlight and cool breezes. During the summer months, the warmth that sunlight brings can be damaging and unpleasant. In this instance, installing window awnings is an excellent solution as it allows a regulated entry of sunlight into your home as well as providing privacy and comfort all year long.

Before buying awnings for your Sydney home, here are a few tips to help:


  • What type of awning do you need at home?


Awnings come in a variety of styles and manners of operation. A manual, hand crank awning operates based on simple movement concepts. This is the ideal window awning for small patio spaces or verandas. On the other hand, if you are planning to cover a large space of the front porch or of your backyard patio, we highly recommend purchasing motorised awnings which are easy to operate. If you have the budget, you may want to look into more versatile awnings that feature both a manual and motorised operation.


  • Why should you install awnings in the first place?


Besides the cool shade that awnings offer during hot summer days, they are also worth considering  for the following reasons:

  • Awnings are window treatments that contribute to keeping your interior spaces in good condition at all times. Fixed awnings for example ensure that hardwood floors inside the home are protected from UV rays and eventual sun damage.
  • Awnings reduce the amount of glare that we experience when direct sunlight enters our homes. You can now watch TV or work on your computer on the patio or near windows without having to worry about excessive sunlight and glare.
  • Awnings are exceptional window treatments which allowing homeowners to extend or expand their livable space. Faced with good weather conditions, retractable awnings can temporarily turn your patio or veranda into a living area or space to entertain visitors, too. They are very useful for outdoor garden parties as they can be converted into al fresco  dining spaces.

Now that you are more than familiar with the benefits of installing awnings in your Sydney home, it’s time for you to click here and check out the available selections that we have in stock. If you want to request a quote, you may also reach us on 02 8858 0900.