The Top Two Window Treatment Recommendations from Window Shutter Companies

Image of an Outdoor Aluminium Plantation Shutters

Image of an Outdoor Aluminium Plantation ShuttersThere are a few factors that needs careful assessment when buying home window treatments. If you’re planning on a renovation soon and looking at different options, we highly recommend these two window dressings for you!



  • Plantation shutters for your Sydney home



Better light regulation and privacy control- This is a major strength that plantation shutters have over other window treatments. The “slats” or “louvres” puts a dash of elegance on aesthetics as well as plays a crucial function of light and view controls. Simply adjust the slats to increase light entering the room or close it to fully block out light from the outside.

As plantation shutters are made from solid materials such as aluminum and timber, it is easy to obstruct the view from the inside. With the best external window shutters, you may also extend your living space and introduce a patio or a veranda where you can entertain guests during beautiful, warm weather.



  • Timber Venetian blinds to beautify your Sydney abode



Timber Venetian blinds are popular window treatments due to their modern aesthetic and flexible functionality. It’s the perfect window treatment if you want to add a rustic appeal to your home interior spaces. They are easy to clean and low-maintenance, so you really don’t need to think about replacements every few years.

The privacy control of white timber Venetian blinds are exceptional. It’s a great addition to your bedroom as it obstructs the view from people outside your home. The slats are tightly shut when adjusted to close. The strings and ropes which allow for hassle-free control of Venetian blinds allow for light to enter your room during daytime. This allows you to save money on the long term, as this means that you can use natural light instead of lighting fixtures at home.

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