Plantation Shutters Exterior

Installing exterior shutters in your Sydney home is an excellent way of enhancing the beauty and functionality of both interior and exterior spaces. Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal of aluminum external shutters, it adds to the overall value of a residential property and also discourages intruders from breaking in.

In this article, we will discuss the two most popular outdoor shutters in Sydney; aluminum and external louvres shutters.

Aluminum external shutters

Aluminum is a resilient and lightweight metal used for window and awning applications in homes all over the country. Unlike PVC and wooden plantation shutters, aluminum is stronger, and is perfect for providing shade for areas exposed to harsh sunlight.

For those who want a clean and timeless look for home exteriors, aluminum plantation shutters are the best option. The protective element of plantation shutters is yet another feature which makes it a sensible solution for many Sydney homeowners and beyond.

Other uses and benefits of aluminum plantation shutters are as follows:

  • Maximum protection from UV light.
  • Help in regulating the amount of light entering the home.
  • Aesthetically pleasing with its clean and timeless look.
  • More affordable metal awning solution than stainless-steel and copper.

External louvres shutters

External louvered shutters bring sophistication to your home’s exterior space. The timeless style and elegant lines of external louvres will undeniably increase your property’s overall market value. External louvres are typically made from two materials, plastic/PVC and wood.

The main benefits of opting for external louvres are as follows:

  • Allows for the regulation of light and heat energy that enters interiors spaces.
  • Helps establish privacy as louvres can be easily opened or closed.
  • Superior quality external louvres have the ability of cancelling noise from the outside.
  • Protects furniture, appliances, and other valuables inside the home from damaging ultraviolet rays.

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