What you Need to Know about Getting Retractable Waterproof Awnings?

What you Need to Know about Getting Retractable Waterproof Awnings?

What you Need to Know about Getting Retractable Waterproof Awnings?Are you in the market for so called retractable waterproof awnings in Sydney but not quite sure if it is the right solution for you? What do these awnings actually have to offer and how does it differ from that of conventional awnings? These are all perfectly good questions and all are well worth considering.

In this post, we’ll take a good look at what retractable awnings are as well as some of the notable pros and cons. We’ll also delve into its cost and what you can generally expect out of such an awning. Only then can you make an informed decision as to whether a retractable awning is right for you.

A good look at retractable awnings

A set of retractable awning is exactly what is sounds like – awnings that you can retract or extend whenever you please. These awnings offer the same benefit as their fixed counterpart, providing shade and comfort in outdoor spaces with some added versatility. But why does it matter in the first place?

Retractable awnings are designed to correct a flaw that people have long realised with a fixed awning — continuous exposure to the elements even when it is not needed. This can lead to premature fading or excessive damage especially during a storm and other adverse weather conditions.

With retractable awnings, you simply fold the awning away and secure it in a compartment where it is safe and sound. Hence retractable awnings tend to last longer not to mention that you can just simply store it when you’d rather spend some time under the sun.

Standard retractable awnings can be folded away manually or through a push button/switch operation in the case of motorised window awnings. Granted the latter does tend to cost more than its manual counterpart but most people would agree that the added convenience is well worth it. In the case of large retractable awnings, an automated mechanism can be a necessity.

Important factors to consider in getting retractable side awnings

Now that you’ve learned a thing or two about what retractable awnings have to offer, you may be eager to get started with one. However give it some thought before you do; there are a few things that you need to consider before getting a set of retractable awnings:


Retractable awnings are expensive and present a hefty investment for most people. You can end up paying as much as $2000 or more for a motorised one but the total cost doesn’t solely lie on the unit alone. You’ll have to consider additional expenses such as the cost of installation and it’s upkeep. In most cases, people will need to hire a contractor to properly install the awning.


A folding mechanism means that there are movable parts in a retractable awning that add to it’s complexity. This means having to deal with mechanical and technical problems which need to be dealt with if you are to keep your retractable awnings in good condition.


Retractable awnings will obviously require more maintenance than its fixed counterpart. Movable parts need to be checked and cleaned regularly; defective components will need to be replaced. All these ultimately adds to the money and effort that you’d have to spend to keep your retractable awnings working.

Convinced that retractable awnings are well worth the added cost and effort necessary to properly install and maintain it? Perhaps you’re looking to get started with some of the best awnings available in the market? We at “Shutters Australia” are eager to help; call us today on 1300 853 206 to get in touch with our experts and learn more about your options in retractable awnings.