What You Need to Know about Maintaining Your Roller Blinds in Sydney

blinds and shutters Image by Shutters AustraliaRoller blinds are some of the most elegant window treatments offered in the market today and make a sophisticated alternative to curtains and shutters in Castle Hill. Much like any other window treatments, roller blinds build up dirt and grime which over time can turn them into an eyesore.


Luckily, roller blinds are easy to clean and maintain. All you need is a few common household products – a brush, water and laundry cleaning agent. Spend a bit of your time and effort then you will get an old set of roller blinds looking like it is brand new.


So how do you go about cleaning your blinds and shutters?

Well there’s nothing to it actually – begin by separating the shades from the roller. Be careful not to ruin the blinds while doing so. You can then soak the blinds in a sink or tub filled with lukewarm water. Include some detergent and leave it in there for about 3 hours.


Proceed by brushing areas of your blinds that are still dirty. You can do this while your blinds are still soaked in the water or after removing it from the tub.


Rinse your blinds tidy and examine it for any dirt and grime that remains. At this point, you may need to redo the process one more time. Hang them out to dry and after that put the blind back together. How convenient is that?


Maintenance-wise roller blinds are better than curtains

As you have surely realised, roller blinds are better than conventional drapes and curtains. They do not take much time and effort to keep clean. With regular cleaning, these blinds are bound to serve you well for many years to come.



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