Why Choose Canvas Awnings?

Why Choose Canvas Awnings?

Why Choose Canvas Awnings?

 The advantages of canvas window awnings

Canvas awnings are some of the most popular window treatments available on the market today and for good reasons. If you’re looking to provide your home with much-need protection against the sun while adding style and elegance then you certainly can’t go wrong with canvas window awnings. You’ve got to wonder though, what are the specific benefits of getting such an awning? Let’s get right to it!


Canvas awnings in Sydney come in a wide range of colours and designs. You need only choose one that best complements your home. Design options include traditional awnings, folding arm and canopy awnings. Unlike most of its counterparts, canvas awnings are fairly inexpensive and can be made to suit a wide range of design preferences.


Canvas awnings not only look good but also contributes towards energy-efficiency as well. It’s a benefit that most people tend to overlook when getting such an awning. Canvas is a fairly effective insulator dissipating heat and keeping excessive sunlight from entering your home. All these serve to lower temperature inside your home and reducing the burden on air conditioning units. You can potentially save hundreds of dollars every year simply by getting such an awning installed.

How long do canvas awnings last?

Wondering about the longevity of canvas awnings? Most of these awnings offered by reputable manufactures come with a coated surface to protect against the elements. This allows them to last 5 to 10 years with occasional cleaning depending on the climate and prevailing weather conditions in your area. Anything beyond that and you’ll have to replace the material although it won’t nearly cost you as much as when you first had the awning installed since you’ll only have to replace the fabric.


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