Why Get Timber Window Awnings?

Why Get Timber Window Awnings?

Why Get Timber Window Awnings?Are you interested in getting a set of wooden window awnings for your home? It’s no doubt a great way to put up some much needed protection from the elements on outdoor spaces around your home.

But why opt for timber awnings specifically?

It’s a good question especially when there are modern alternatives such as canvas and aluminium awnings. If you’re reading this then you’re probably wondering about the same thing.

In this post we’ll take a good look at timber awnings and the kind of home it’s best suited for. We’ll also consider some of the important benefits compared to other types of awnings. Only then can you make an informed decision about whether these awnings are the right option for you.

The benefits of wooden awnings

Now some of  the earliest types of awnings were made of wood and linen with roots dating as far back as 50 BC in ancient Rome. Today timber window awnings and brackets remain as popular as ever simply because it serves its purpose extremely well which is to provide shade in outdoor spaces around your home. But is it the right type of awning for you?

Well if you’re looking to introduce a pleasant and cottage-like ambiance to your property then you’ll find that timber awnings can offer you just that. There’s nothing quite like a good set of hardwood awnings when it comes to creating an elegant and classic exterior for your home. These awnings are suitable for a wide range of outdoor spaces such as walk ways, porches, garden and patio.

Of course there’s more to wooden awnings than just classic aesthetics. Hardwood can act as a highly effective insulator keeping outdoor areas cool in the summer. It’s a great solution for people looking to spend more time outdoors.

Colorbond window awnings

Do you desire the look of a wooden awnings but live in an area with frequent snow and rainfall? Wood is generally unsuitable for use in humid areas as it renders the material vulnerable to warping and decay. A good alternative is to make use of colorbond window awnings.

A colorbond window awning kit is made of steel or powder coated aluminium which is extremely durable and impervious to moisture. What makes it different from most metal awnings though is that it comes in a wood grain finish that mimics the appearance of hardwood. You get all the benefits of wooden awnings without having to worry about continuous exposure to moisture and humidity levels in your area. How awesome is that?

Door awnings

Of course wooden awnings aren’t just limited to window treatments and it can be installed on just about any section of your home exterior. This includes doors and walkways which improves the curb value of your property. More importantly, people are sure to appreciate the shade it offers from the elements as they enter or leave your home.

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