Why Get Venetian Blinds in Sydney for your Home Window Treatment?

Why Get Venetian Blinds in Sydney for your Home Window Treatment?

Why Get Venetian Blinds in Sydney for your Home Window Treatment?

Why Get Venetian Blinds in Sydney for your Home Window Treatment?Are you in the market for some of the best blinds in Sydney and are wondering if Venetian blinds fit the bill? What can you expect from these blinds and how does it compare with other popular window treatments in the market? These are excellent questions, and if you are reading this, you probably have similar issues in mind.


In this post, we go over a bit of history behind Venetian vertical blinds in Sydney and its’ advantages. Only then can you decide if it is the right choice of window treatment for your home.


A little history behind Venetian blinds

You can be forgiven for thinking that Venetian blinds have their roots in Venice Italy which isn’t the case at all. Due credit needs to be given to the 18th-century Persian empire. Knowledge of the window treatment was passed on to traders as they made their way to Venice where it became incredibly popular and spread throughout the world as a high society symbol.


Unfortunately, nowadays Venetian blinds are often disregarded in partiality to what seems like a more practical option (think roller blinds in Sydney). Such oversight is a shame considering that Venetian blinds are often the better choice of window treatments. They block out and filter light efficiently, look discreet and preserve the natural view around a property.


Many home improvement experts recommend Venetian blinds to customers looking for something that is functional and looks good but does not stand out and hog all the attention in the room. They are also one the simplest to use — pull on the string, and the blinds fold neatly into the frame revealing the full length of the windows. Drop the shades if you want to limit the amount of light entering the room. Twist the cord to block out sunlight entirely and for times when you want to ensure complete privacy.


Is it for you?

Venetian blinds are ideal for people who desire privacy but do not want to sacrifice access to natural light nor waste a good view of the surrounding area.


To get the most value for money, you would want to opt for Venetian blinds made from quality hardwood or even faux wood instead of fragile vinyl blinds that are vulnerable to snagging and breakage.


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