Your Options in Outdoor Window and Door Shutters

Your Options in Outdoor Window and Door Shutters

Your Options in Outdoor Window and Door Shutters

Your Options in Outdoor Window and Door ShuttersIf you’re thinking about improving the aesthetics of your home then why not add a bit of sophistication in the process? How about investing in a good set of outdoor folding shutters? Sure these aren’t the most attractive window treatments in the market but they do tend to add the most value. Outdoor window blinds and shutters are energy saving products capable of lowering your heating and cooling expenses. That is in addition to its functional benefit of providing protection against the harsh elements.

Given the benefits briefly mentioned above, it’s no wonder then that it’s a popular sight among homes and businesses looking to add curb appeal and just stand out from the crowd.

Different types of exterior window shutters

Now you’ve surely seen images of exterior window shutters made from different materials like aluminium, vinyl and wood. Your choice of shutters ultimately depend on your budget, climate and personal preferences. Hence you’d want to give your choice of materials some thought, especially when it determines factors such as total cost and installation.

Wooden outdoor window blinds and shutters

Hardwood has been a good choice of material for door and window shutters for hundreds of years and for good reasons. Unlike regular drapes and curtains, wooden shutters were put up mostly for protection against intruders and the harsh elements. That said, there’s nothing like the classic elegance and rustic appeal of hardwood.

Wooden shutters are traditionally installed on hinges designed to close or open them as needed then secured firmly into the desired position. These shutters are relatively simple to operate and remain just as popular nowadays despite the array of modern and less expensive alternatives.


Yet another popular choice of material for outdoor shutters is vinyl which tends to resist fading and retains its colour longer than wood and are much easier to install thanks to their lighter weight. Vinyl shutters also tend to cost much less than hardwood and ideal for people who are working with a limited budget but don’t wish to limit themselves in terms of aesthetics.

Vinyl outdoor shutters look beautifully especially when viewed from a distance. That said, vinyl does tend to appear cheap up close and not nearly as durable as hardwood. It’s low cost and the ease of installation can be attributed to the fact that vinyl shutters are moulded as single piece and fairly straightforward to put up.


Outdoor shutters made from modern aluminium have become fairly popular among homeowners as it has become much more affordable over the years. Coupled with the fact they require very little in the way of maintenance, these shutters are ideal for people primarily concerned about security above anything else.

Now it’s not to say that aluminium shutters won’t look good on your home; these can be powder coated to your desired colours matching the current look and style of your home. Not to mention the fact that aluminium is extremely durable, it’s a good long term investment that’ll provide your home with superior protection for many years to come.

Check out some of the best deals for doors and window shutters; call Shutters Australia today on 1300 853 206 and let us help you decide on the perfect set of window shutters for your home. Whether you’re in the market for functionality or style, interior or exterior shutters; there are definitely window shutters out there to match your needs and personal preferences.