Are DIY Plantation Shutters for You?

Are DIY Plantation Shutters for You?

Are DIY Plantation Shutters for You?

Plantation Shutters DIY Kit

Are DIY Plantation Shutters for You?Interested in so called DIY plantation shutters? Purchasing and installing such shutters yourself seems like a clever idea and one that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in the process. Buy the kit and mount it yourself; how difficult could it be? Well unfortunately most people find that the task isn’t quite as easy as you might think.

The thing about DIY plans for plantation shutters is that its nothing like your typical home improvement project; a lot of things can go wrong during the installation process. Common mistakes include not being able to size your windows correctly or damaging the shutters altogether and rendering it inoperable. At that point you’ll need to order additional materials to rectify the situation and many end up spending more than they’d would have if they’ve brought in a professional for the job.


Simply put, if you’re confident about your skills, experience and have all the required equipment for the job then by all means, DIY plantation shutter kits are certainly a good option. These kits have all the plantation shutter parts needed to a proven and effective window treatment for your home. That said, mistakes in DIY plantation shutters can be costly and is generally not worth experimenting on.

Here are a couple of good reasons why you might want to reconsider opting for DIY plantation shutters

Choosing the perfect plantation shutters for your home

You may already have a shutter design and colour in mind but it wouldn’t hurt to have a professional reaffirm your options. Plantation shutters that fits perfectly in others may not necessarily yield the same results for your home. Professional installers can give you helpful advice from choosing the right frame, colours and material.

Window designs

If the shape of your windows aren’t typical (arched, octagon, circular, etc) then its all the more reason to leave the job to a professional. You likely won’t find plantation shutter kits with the exact dimensions and fitting them to complicated window designs would require serious modifications.

Professional installers can take the exact dimensions of your window and put their expertise to work to ensure that your plantation shutters fit and work flawlessly.

Cost effectiveness

People delve into DIY plantation shutters thinking that they’d only have to deal with the cost of the shutters itself. However you also need to consider additional expenses and materials that you’ll need to do the job yourself. The total cost can stack up quickly especially when you make a mistake and have to buy additional materials. Not to mention the time and effort that you’d have to spend trying to do the job yourself.

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