Can window shutters really last a lifetime?

Can window shutters really last a lifetime?

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get about window shutters is about weather damage. You know… Do the slats warp or crack? Does heat and humidity affect the wear and lifetime of the window shutters?Can window shutters really last a lifetime?

Window shutters have proven to be timeless decor not only because of their grace and elegance but also because of their extreme functionality and easy maintenance.

Shutters are actually an investment, and should be thought of as fine furniture. They are the only window coverings that are appraised into the value of your home. Their rich natural appearance makes them a perfect choice to add value and beauty to your home.

But window shutters are not all constructed in the same way. Variations in the quality of construction can be found in every part of the shutter, from the selection of the material to joints, tension systems, hardware, finish and installation. Only the best quality shutters will last for decades.

Some of the reasons why shutters from Shutters Australia are the best quality money can buy:

  • Shutters are custom made to fit your windows exactly. We create a frame that is slotted snugly into the window opening. The shutters are then hinged to that frame. A cheap building practise some other companies use is to hinge the shutter directly to your window opening which leaves gaps that can look unsightly and also cause draughts and a reduction in your energy savings.
  • Our timber shutters are made from Kiri rather than Basswood. Both are classified as hardwoods with Kiri being exceptionally stable and durable which makes for excellent quality furniture. It’s light yet strong for its weight and doesn’t easily warp or split. Kiri is also a very fast growing wood farmed in plantations so no old forests are cut down.
  • We use Kiri timber as it has excellent dimensional stability and water repellency. It also has a high resistance to insect damage, rot and decay. By using Kiri our shutters and blinds are durable, long lasting and highly resistant to weather and warping.
  • Because Kiri has a very smooth grain and is knot free you will find that it gives an exceptional paint or varnish finish. Of course we can colour match your shutters to any existing furnishings.
  • We also use aluminium for our window shutters. This material is especially suited to outdoor areas as it truly does last a lifetime and looks good the whole time. Of course these shutters also withstand the rigours of life with children. Knocks and bumps are no problem whatsoever.

When considering shutters remember that Shutters Australia is an Australian company who have been manufacturing shutters and awnings for over 40 years. Our quality manufacturing practices ensure that your shutters are made to last and we’re so sure of that we’re happy to guarantee them for life!