Extending your comfort zone to the great outdoors

Extending your comfort zone to the great outdoors

There’s no question that indoor Plantation shutters add style to any window, but what if you want privacy in the garden or protection against storms – are shutters an option outdoors?

With outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas becoming an extension to the home we have had many customers use shutters to enclose porches and cabanas as well as provide a privacy barrier to a neighbour’s curious eyes.Extending your comfort zone to the great outdoors

Also, did you know that by shading your westerly facing windows from direct sun contact you can block 80-90% of the sun’s rays. This is 5-7 times more effective at controlling heat transfer than putting window coverings on the inside of the room.

Just imagine how comfortable your home can be with both an awning shading the window area externally and having internal window shutters. Those hot summer rooms can be cool again!

When awnings and shutters are exposed to the elements 24/7 you have to feel confident that the construction materials and techniques used are going to stand the test of time. Shutters Australia have been manufacturing for over 40 years in Sydney so they know from time tested experience what works best both for your comfort and peace of mind… and theirs!

Whether they are used to add a sense of style to your home, to shut out the light, or for protection from neighbours or weather, shutters and awnings by Shutters Australia has the solution you’re looking for.