Exterior Plantation Shutters - Aesthetics and Functionality

Exterior Plantation Shutters – Aesthetics and Functionality

Exterior Plantation Shutters - Aesthetics and Functionality

Plantations Shutters for exteriors


Exterior plantation shutters are the top choice in window treatments for just about anyone looking for something stylish and functional. Unlike most other window treatments on the market, plantation shutters not only look good but effectively serves the purpose expected out of any window treatment.


The makings of exterior plantation shutters


Despite it’s long history plantation shutters for home exteriors hasn’t changed much in terms of basic design. Such shutters are typically comprised of a series of vertical panels made up of 4 parts – shutter rails, vertical stiles, louvers (parallel slats) and the tilt rod which controls the position of the window shutter. It’s a popular choice in window treatments and for good reasons; you’ve probably seen your fair share of plantation shutters and wonder about getting them yourself.


Of course today’s exterior plantation shutters are available in a wide range of designs and materials. The ones made from modern materials such as exterior aluminium plantation shutters offer maximum protection against theft and adverse weather conditions. Whether you prefer classic hardwood on your porch exterior plantation shutters or a few modern alternatives; there’s definitely something for everybody!


No matter your choice in exterior plantation shutters, you can expect the same benefits that people have come to appreciate out of such window shutters. Plantation shutters not only offer much in terms aesthetics but also makes your home a lot more pleasant to dwell in by effectively regulating the amount of light and heat that enters the room. What else could you possibly ask for?


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