Plantation Shutters as a Great Long Term Investment

Plantation Shutters as a Great Long Term Investment

Plantation Shutters as a Great Long Term Investment

Plantation Shutters as a Great Long Term Investment

Investing in plantation window shutters

Are you thinking about investing in plantation window shutters but not quite sure about whether it’s the right choice for you? These classic shutters are a popular sight in many homes which says pretty much about its popularity as a window treatment. Plantation outdoor shutters look good and are guaranteed to last longer than many of its counterparts. Such shutters also offer much in terms of insulation and privacy making it a welcomed addition to any home.

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Getting these indoor and outdoor shutters

A good set of plantation indoor or external shutters don’t come cheap – don’t let anybody try to tell you otherwise.  You can easily find a lot of less expensive alternatives in terms of window treatments available in the market however most people would agree that these shutters make a good long term investment and are well worth the added cost.

A plantation shutter looks great with just about any interior design and can contribute much to your home’s aesthetic value.  As a matter of fact, properties with plantation shutters are often listed specifically as such because it gives such properties a much higher value.

Of course the cost of plantation shutters generally depend on the type of material that it’s made from – a shutter made from composite materials like faux wood or vinyl typically cost about 20 to 25 percent less than that of those made of real wood. Such window treatments also come pre-painted or stained with the latter costing significantly more.

Plantation shutters can be used in just about any area of your home although you might want to consider your choice in material – classic wooden shutters can split or warp over time if installed in humid sections of the house such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Yet another important thing to consider when getting plantation shutters is its versatility. It’s perhaps the most versatile of all window treatments available in the market capable of permitting ample sunlight or blocking it all out completely by simply adjusting the louvers which are available in different sizes. Larger windows will benefit from plantation shutters with bigger louver sizes as it permits greater transparency and capable of providing complete privacy if so desired. These shutters also provide good insulation which is always useful in any weather condition.

Plantation shutters are not without its limitations though. As a window treatment, choices in colours can be fairly scarce. Your choices would generally be limited to colours like white, alabaster and other neutral shades that won’t disrupt any home decor. Stained ones typically come in colours like light and dark walnut – anything too dark or bright would make it too prominent which can be a problem in interior design.

If you’re looking premium plantation shutters then you might want to opt for the ones that are made from real sanded hard wood. Such shutters come in high quality finishes and are more like premium furniture which makes for a bold statement – that you only want some of the best window treatments for your home!