The Advantages of Choosing Wooden Blinds for Alfresco Spaces in Your Home

image of an outdoor patio alfresco

Wooden blinds are the perfect sunscreen for your windows. In terms of aesthetics, they exude timeless elegance that will make your outdoor space look perfect. A lot of residential homes in Sydney are now switching to Alfresco wooden blinds due to their excellent form and function. The trend of using wooden blinds for outdoor spaces such as patios and verandas is unlikely to stop anytime soon. 

But you may be asking what sets wooden blinds apart from the other window treatments? Here are some answers. 



  • They look expensive but are priced affordably


Plantation shutters are some of the best window coverings today. But if you are on a budget, installing outdoor plantation shutters across all your windows is too expensive. If you want to make a bold statement but are on a budget, installing wooden blinds that look similar to plantation shutters is a cost-effective solution. 



  • Highly-customisable


One major strength of wooden blinds is that they are highly-customisable. Ideally, wooden blinds are made-to-measure so you get the right coverage and protection. With customisation, you may also choose the type of wood, stain, and the colour that will fit perfectly to your existing décor. 



  • Offers superior privacy


With Alfresco wooden blinds you can control the amount of light that enters your home. The slats of wooden blinds allow you to control the amount of light that enters the room with a simple pull of a cord. 



  • Elegant finish


The elegance of Alfresco wooden blinds is that it sets it apart from traditional blinds made from PVC. If you choose wooden blinds featuring wide slats, they will look smooth and flawless when paired with tapes that complement the colour of your home or the design of your patio or veranda. 

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