The Cost of DIY Plantation Shutters for Windows and Sliding Doors

Image of an interior plantation shutters

Image of an interior plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are window coverings that are fitted with louvres typically measuring between 9 and 12 centimeters in width. The timeless provincial style of plantation shutters is not only popular in dry territories, but even in city and suburban regions of the country.


Why install DIY plantation shutters?

The unique quality of plantation shutters is mainly due to the louvres which not only look stylishly elegant, but also adds to its high functionality. The advantage to installing DIY plantation shutters is that it can be used not only for windows but may also function as a partition between interior home spaces. DIY plantation for sliding doors can separate casual rooms such as entertainment rooms from the main living room.


Plantation shutters are also more durable than other forms of window coverings. When made from quality and sturdy materials such as hardwood or aluminum, plantation shutters can last for over a decade. And with proper care and maintenance, plantation shutters can remain looking brand new over time and add value to your home’s overall worth.


How much does it cost to install plantation shutters?


There are two ways in which plantation shutters can be installed at home.

  • You can obtain the services of professional plantation shutter installers. Usually, distributors will offer installation as an added service. There are also companies that offer installation for free. If installation is arranged as a separate service, expect to invest between 70AUD and 100AUD per hour.
  • If you want to save money or simply want to install them yourself, you can go DIY instead. You only need basic power tools and equipment, most of which you already have at home.


How much are plantation shutters for windows?

The majority of reputable sellers price their plantation shutters between 250AUD and 500AUD. The quality of material and added features affect the rates of plantation shutters.

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